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Dog Boarding

Outside dog run—Dog Boarding, OR

Home Away From Home

Fletcher's Boarding Kennels offers short and long term boarding for your dog. Our great location near the airport makes it easy for you to drop off and pick up your pet while traveling. We will give them the same attention and care they receive at home. We also can provide transportation to and from the airport.

Dog Boarding Rates

$21.00 a day
We offer a discount for multiple dogs in the same run.

We are the only kennel in this area with outside runs.



  • Dogs have an inside and outside run. The dogs can go in and out as much as they like during the day.
  • At night dogs are locked in their inside run to keep them warm.
  • Inside run: 4'x5'x3' all wood construction inside the kennel which is heated.
  • Outside run: 4'x15'-23' all chain linked fenced and sawdust runs.
  • Dogs can see each other outside and run and play back and forth.
  • This is a great opportunity to socialize your dog in the SE Portland and Greater Portland and Gresham area.

Food and Care

  • Dogs are fed Nutra Nuggets lamb and rice dog food.
  • The inside and outside runs are cleaned every day.
  • The dog's water is changed twice a day.
  • Every dog receives a milk bone treat in the morning.
  • Dogs are fed per owners instructions
  • The dogs are visited by kennel staff several times a day; they can chase their ball out into the outside run, play with a toy, or just be petted.
Inside Dog Run Fletcher's - Outside Dog Run Kennel in Portland, OR

Required Shots

  • These shots are required for your dog's safety and the safety of other dogs at the kennel.
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • All shots need to be current and in the dogs system three days prior to boarding



  • $3.00 per fifteen minute walk
  • ¼ acre of 6 foot fenced area in the back where the dogs can run and play on their walks


If your dog needs medication, we will administer per your instruction. Charges will be determined on case by case basis.

Toys and Beds

For an additional charge, toys and bedding is available in the kennel store right in the office.

Additional Information

  • Owners are free to bring their dog's own dog food and treats if desired.
  • Owners are also free to bring bedding and toys from home for their dog .
  • You can pick your dogs up at any time during business hours.
Pets picked up before noon will not be charged the daily fee. If you pick up after 12:00 P.M. you will be charged for a full day.

Licensed Kennel Technician. "A" rated for Multnomah County!